Autumn wedding

Autumn weddings can be absolutely gorgeous, especially with all of the decorating options available.  Using natural materials and colors to decorate your wedding will help tie in the autumn theme.  If you would like to have a beautiful wedding while saving a bit of money, an autumn wedding may be the perfect solution.

1. the sun will look beautiful with the changing leaves

2. the weather is almost always perfect because fall is usually the driest month

3. autumn weddings have a lots of decorating options

4. this is one of the most beautiful months for natural lighting without the glare of high summer

5. many brides chose fireworks displays throughout the year, but there’s nothing like a dark sky in the autumn night to show them off to best effect
6. set against the changing autumnal colors, autumn can provide beautiful settings for photos

7. getting married in autumn can mean deep discounts on everything from the venue to the dress
8. you’re coming towards the end of the wedding “season” now so are less likely to be sharing your church or reception venue

9. it can be much easier to book your venue, caterer, and florist for an autumn wedding versus a summer wedding

10. airfare can be cheaper in the fall than in the summer