5 reasons to elope to Lake Bled

Lake Bled, nature’s hidden gem in the heart of Europe, is a perfect location for intimate, romantic ceremonies intended just for the two of you or a small company of your best friends and close family members.

With its untouched nature, hidden corners and romantic spots, Lake Bled in Slovenia is an amazing elopement destination.

Fairy-tale beauty of Lake Bled

Not many places in the world actually look as if they were part of a fairy-tale land. Lake Bled is surely one of them. The romantic church on a tiny little island in the middle of the lake and the medieval castle on a high rock facing the crystal-clear water form a stunning wedding location.

Strong tradition

You need to overcome  99 steps to reach the church on the island. According to an old local tradition, grooms are encouraged to carry their brides all the way up to the church. The newly married couple should ring the wishing bell in the church together and if they do it correctly, the sound of the bell will make their deepest wishes come true.

No need for lengthy preparations

If you decide to elope or invite only a small number of guests, you don’t need to engage in long and tiring wedding preparations. We can arrange everything needed for the elopement in just two months.

Amazing photos at scenic locations

With only the two of you or a small group of your guests, it’s much easier to move from one spot to another. You can decide to include more beautiful locations for the photo shooting.

Relaxed vibes

Your wedding day will have the magic  of a big, luxury wedding,  but a lot less stress.