Church wedding location

Here you can find the list of the most popular chucrh wedding locations at Lake Bled. THE CHURCH OF THE MOTHER OF GOD ON THE LAKE The church on the tiny Bled Island in the middle of Lake Bled, is one of the premier wedding locations of the area. FIND OUT MORE THE CHAPEL AT BLED CASTLE The romantic … Read more

Civil wedding location

Below, you can find the most popular civil wedding locations at Lake Bled. BLED CASTLE Fairy tale castle built on the top of the high rock is a popular place for civil weddings. Its amazing location and medieval flair attract couples from all over the world. FIND OUT MORE GRAND HOTEL TOPLICE BLED Civil wedding … Read more

5 good reasons for Christmas wedding at Lake Bled

Why should you decide for Xmas wedding at Lake Bled? Bellow you can find 5 good reasons for this decision: 1. IT’S BEAUTIFUL TIME OF THE YEAR. The air itself is full of holiday’s spirit. Everything (streets, houses, halls, churches) is already decorated. A lot of things are happening on the streets. Everything is in some kind … Read more