Real Weddings

Take a look at the Lake Bled wedding photos taken at several weddings we have organized. The selection includes images from different Lake Bled wedding venues.

As one of the most romantic wedding settings, Bled Island is the go-to destinations for many couples looking for a place to tie the knot. Its uniqueness and the beauty place it among the top wedding locations in the world.

A wedding at the castle sitting high up on a rock above the lake is really magical and something unusual. Bled Castle with its amazing position and breath-taking views is a unique wedding location.

What could be more romantic for two people in love than to tie the knot in one of the most amazing elopement wedding destinations in Europe?

Lake Bled is one of the most beautiful destination wedding locations suitable for boutique or small-sized weddings which can be a great alternative to the big and stressful wedding at home.

Winter is a special and truly magical time of the year and as such a beautiful time for a wedding at an intimate wedding venue.

An unforgettable intimate wedding at a dream wedding location can be the highlight of your European vacation.