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Lake Bled with island, castle and moutains with snow.

A truly magical location for your wedding day

A Lake Bled wedding is a truly unique experience!

The stunning lake and its surroundings in Slovenia provide the perfect backdrop for the perfect day. Whether you hold your ceremony in the island church, the medieval castle perched on a cliff top above the lake, or on a hotel terrace, it will be magical.

A wedding at Lake Bled is an unforgettable way to begin your life together, with breathtaking views of the lake and a traditional pletna boat transporting you to the island to ring the wishing bell. 

All of this adds to the uniqueness of getting married at Lake Bled. It’s no surprise that many couples worldwide are drawn here for their special day!

Lake Bled wedding venues

Lake Bled is a fairy-tale location.

The lake and its surroundings provide a variety of appealing venues, each with its distinct atmosphere and charm. Civil ceremonies in the Town Hall are popular, as are weddings in one of the nearby hotels (such as Grand Hotel TopliceHotel Vila Bled,  Rose Bled, and others) on the shores of Lake Bled. A medieval Bled castle perched on a high rock above the lake makes for a unique wedding venue.

There is always the iconic church on the Bled island for those looking to tie the knot more traditionally (by the way, Lake Bled is the only island in Slovenia). Grooms can carry the bride up 99 steps to the church before ringing the wishing bell for good luck.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate your special day, Lake Bled has various picture-perfect options for your dream wedding.

Bled Castle Wedding

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Wedding in Slovenia

Slovenia, a beautiful green country with snow-capped mountains, lakes, and the seaside, is an ideal wedding destination. Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, is a bustling, vibrant city known for its rich culture, history, and lively atmosphere.

Couples from other countries can marry in Slovenia without complicated legal procedures, and local authorities will recognise their marriage in their home country. Slovenia is an appealing destination for couples looking for a beautiful and unique location to tie the knot.

Couples in Slovenia have several options when it comes to weddings. A civil marriage can occur at the Town Hall or Registry Office, whereas a church wedding can arise in one of the country’s many historic churches. Symbolic weddings are not legally binding and can be organised in picturesque locations, such as on a lake cruise or in a castle.

Read more about the types of weddings at this link.


Lake Bled is Slovenia’s most popular wedding destination.

Lake Bled Wedding packages

Lake Bled wedding packages include various services designed to make your special day as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

These services typically include event planning, document translation, venue fees, hairdressing, makeup, photography, wedding reception, wedding dinner, transportation organisation, and other services.

The photographers and videographers are skilled at capturing Lake Bled’s beauty and will ensure that your memories last a lifetime.

We customise each package to the customer’s needs, so you can have the wedding of your dreams without worrying about the details.

Read more about the different services we provide at this link.

Get married in Lake Bled!

We invite you to contact us if you are interested in planning your wedding at Lake Bled. We understand that wedding planning can be stressful, and we want to make the process as stress-free and enjoyable for you as possible. As a result, we offer a variety of wedding packages tailored to your specific requirements and preferences.

Please send us a brief description of your wedding day preferences. Could you include the number of guests, the preferred date, and specific ideas or themes for your special day?  We will then use this information to design a personalised wedding package for you.

Our team will work with you closely to ensure that your special day is everything you’ve hoped for and more. We will handle all the details so you can relax and enjoy your special day.

Lake Bled Wedding Venues
Lake Bled Weddings

Why choose Lake Bled?

Lake Bled is a beautiful and romantic destination for a beautiful wedding. Here are a few reasons why you consider having your destination wedding at Lake Bled:

  • The breathtaking setting: Lake Bled is surrounded by the stunning Julian Alps, making it an unforgettable backdrop for a wedding. The lake’s crystal-clear waters and the charming town of Bled provide a romantic and picturesque setting for your special day.

  • The variety of venues: Lake Bled has several wedding venues, including churches and the castle, with breathtaking views.

  • The convenience: Lake Bled is easily accessible from major European cities and has various nearby lodging options.

Lake Bled offers a variety of activities for you and your guests in addition to your wedding. From hiking and cycling in the nearby mountains to boat trips on the lake, there is something fo


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