Frequently asked questions

Needed documents

1. Which documents are needed for a civil wedding in Slovenia?

Below please find the list of all documents needed for a civil wedding in Slovenia:

    1. Passports or ID document – A copy of the page containing the photograph
    2. Birth Certificates* – You will each need to present a new copy (ORIGINAL) of your birth certificate, which must be issued not more than 180 days (6 months) before the wedding date.
    3. Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage* – For non-Slovenian citizens, a document that proves they are eligible to marry in Slovenia is required. Please note that these must not be issued more than three months from the date of the wedding and it should be ORIGINAL.

Some additional documents might be needed in some circumstances:

    1. Decree Absolute – If you were previously married and divorced, you must have a Decree Absolute to prove you are no longer married
    2. Death Certificates – Required if your former spouse is deceased. A copy can be issued by your registry office.
    3. Deed Poll – If either the bride or groom has changed their name(s) or surname, they must produce a certified copy as proof of name change.
    4. Wedding Date – Absolute agreement of the date and time the wedding is to take place is required for registry office administration.

Our service includes obtaining the certified translations by a Slovenian court translator, for each of these documents.

In some cases, immigration documents might also be required: Entry Visa – All necessary entry visas for foreign nationals, if required by Slovenian immigration law, are the responsibility of the wedding couple and their guests.

Please Note:

* The Birth and No Impediment to Marriage Certificates must be certified. As almost all countries in the world have signed The Hague Convention, certification by Apostil stamp suffices.

COPIES – must be sent via email for our verification before you start obtaining the apostils.

ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS WITH APOSTILS have to be sent by REGISTERED POST to our specified address and must reach us eight weeks before the confirmed wedding date.

2. Which documents are required for witnesses?

Below please find a list of all documents needed for your witnesses:

    1. Full names
    2. Professions
    3. Date of births and
    4. Copies of the passport picture page

3. Which legal papers should be translated?

Birth Certificate and Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage should be translated into Slovenian language. Our service includes obtaining the certified translations by a Slovenian court translator.

4. Which documents are needed for a church wedding in Slovenia?

Certain documents are also needed for a Catholic Church wedding ceremony. They are usually provided by your catholic priest from your parish.

In the Catholic Church, you can be married also if you are evangelical or orthodox.  Papers needed for the wedding will be provided by a catholic priest from your parish.

5. What is apostille stamp and where can I get it?

An apostille is a certificate, which verifies and confirms the seal and signature of a person who authenticated the document. Some people call this ‘super legalization’. There are designated authorities in every country to issue apostille certificates or legislation.

Apostilles are commonly issued for various documents related to certificates for th wedding, divorce commercial documents, official documents related to vital statistics, and for court records, land records, school documents and patent applications.

Please note all documents sent to us must be sealed with an apostille stamp.

Useful info about the wedding in Slovenia

1. What is the best time to get married in Slovenia?

Slovenia offers beauty and romance throughout the year. It has typical European continental influenced climate with warm, dry summers and fairly cold and snowy winters. And charming spring and colourful autumn in between.

2. Is civil wedding held in Slovenia valid international?

Marriage Certificates are legal documents, they are issued by the Slovenian Government and they are valid internationally.

3. Are weddings held every day?

One of the benefits of a wedding in Slovenia is definitely the possibility of choosing any day of the week for your civil/church wedding.

4. How do I book my destination wedding in Slovenia?

    • contact us at info@dream-wedding-slovenia.com
    • we will contact you back and discuss all the requirements and wishes
    • then we will create a proposal according to your request and budget and we will forward to you for your approval
    • as soon as we receive your approval and security deposit, we will reserve your wedding date
    • since we have your approval we will prepare your wedding in detail according to your specifications
    • we will forward a contract to you which has to be signed and returned to us within 15 days. In the contract will be described all vendors deposits as well as balances due

Payment terms and conditions

1. Is secure deposit required and how much is it?

The security deposit is required, it’s not refundable and it only secures reservation of the date, celebrant and ceremony. The amount is deducted from the final wedding invoice. The amount of security deposit varies and depends on the numbers of guests.

2. What is your cancellation policy?

All cancellations must be notified in writing and the following charges will apply from the date the notification is received by us.

Cancellations by You – your liability

The charges applicable if you cancel your wedding are:

    1. More than 150 days prior to the wedding deposit amount.
    2. From 150 – 120 days prior to the wedding 20 % of the initial quote and deposit
    3. From 119 – 90 days prior to the wedding 40 % of the initial quote and deposit
    4. From 89 – 60 days prior to the wedding 50 % of the initial quote and deposit
    5. Less than 60 days prior to the wedding 100% of the initial quote and deposit

The initial quote is the amount accepted by you when you sent us your deposit.

Cancellations by Us – our liability

Our obligations to our customers are:

  1. To endeavour to provide accurate and up-to-date information to all our clients throughout the booking process.
  2. To make all the necessary reservations requested by you during the booking process and confirm them to you in writing where your requirements are confirmed with us in writing.

We cannot be held responsible when we are forced to make a change or a cancellation as a result of circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which we could not have avoided even with all due care.

3. Are credit cards accepted?

Payment for our services must be made by bank money transfer in EUR, GBP or USD.  If in GBP or USD, the amount payable must be equivalent to the outstanding EUR amount based on the current bank exchange rate.  We DO NOT accept Bank Cheques, Travellers Cheques, credit or debit cards. The Slovene banking system is efficient and secure.

4. What are our payment terms and conditions?

When making a booking, after we have confirmed the availability of the wedding date to you by e-mail, you must confirm the wedding package proposal and sign the contract and email it to us.  The contract must be signed by the person named on the contract, who must be at least 18 years of age and who will be primarily responsible for making all payments to us.

A binding contract between you and I DO company comes into effect once the booking has been confirmed and we (I DO) have received the signed contract with your deposit payment.

Please note that our terms & conditions are non-negotiable.


Please note that all prices are subject to change without notice.  Any variations in government charges and taxes e.g. VAT will be passed on.

Our initial quote, based on your requirements as listed in your wedding request e-mail, will be provided to you before you make a decision to proceed with the booking.

To reserve your wedding date a non-refundable deposit is required in 15 days after we confirm that the date is available.   If not received we cannot guarantee your chosen date or services.  On receipt of your deposit, we will provide you with a payment schedule of two instalments with due dates.  Payments will remain due at the scheduled dates regardless of any changes or additions to your initial wedding plan.

The final price of your wedding services with any amendments due to changes in the services you require will be sent to you approximately 45 days prior to the wedding date.

Final payment is due 30 days prior to your wedding date.  If the final payment is not received by the due date your wedding or event will be cancelled and all monies paid and due are non-refundable.

Other deposits may be required to secure specific locations or speciality services.  You will be notified in advance if this is required.  You will be provided with receipts for all payments made.

Payment for our services must be made by bank money transfer in EUR, GBP or USD.  If in GBP or USD, the amount payable must be equivalent to the outstanding EUR amount based on the current bank exchange rate.  We DO NOT accept Bank Cheques, Travelers Cheques, credit or debit cards. The Slovene banking system is efficient and secure.


I DO is not able to provide wedding insurance.  To insure your wedding you must purchase insurance in your country of residence.


I DO cannot be held responsible for cancellations or changes resulting from a Force Majeure. This applies to the time before, during and after the event taking place.

If the performance of this agreement is delayed, hindered or prevented or is otherwise frustrated by reason of force majeure i.e. any event beyond the control of the party affected, then the party so affected will promptly notify the other in writing.

Upon acceptance in writing by the other party of the existence of any such event, or if the other party has failed to respond within five working days, the obligations of both parties will cease or shall be suspended for an appropriate period of time to be arranged between you and I DO.