Wedding services

Below you find the wedding services which we organize for you in Dream Wedding Slovenia.

Wedding Planning & Coordination

Your wedding day will be pure perfection down to the tiniest detail carefully planned and executed by an experienced, focused and committed planner.

Wedding Ceremony

Whatever the type of your wedding – religious, official or symbolic – it will make your day special, emotional and unforgettable.

Wedding Photography & Video

Unforgettable moments caught by a professional wedding photographer and videographer will bring tears to your eyes even after many years.

Wedding Theme

What kind of wedding theme to choose? Romantic, fresh or modern? It doesn’t matter as long as it fits your wishes and expectations.

Wedding Reception

After the official tying of the knot, time has finally come to enjoy good food, drinks and speeches.

Wedding Music

Music plays a big role in our everyday lives and the wedding day should be no different.

Accommodation & Transportation

Comfortable and spacious accommodation will help you to feel good and relaxed. We can also organize transport between your wedding locations.

Late Night Party

Your favourite music played by a live band or a DJ at the wedding party will be the perfect end to a wonderful day.