Wedding Planning

We understand that organizing a wedding is a complex and demanding task, especially for someone with no experience.

Young people who plan to get married usually don’t have much practice in wedding planning. This is particularly true for couples who would like to experience something different, perhaps a wedding in a special place, unknown to their family and friends. In this case, they would need the help that hiring an experienced expert with local knowledge and connections would bring.

That’s why we offer a complete wedding service that consists of: wedding planning, consulting and coordination.

Wedding Planning and Consulting

Almost every little girl dreams about a fairy tale wedding and when she grows up, the dream remains. But as her wedding day draws closer, so her concerns of how to arrange everything by her self grow greater and more worrying.

The organization of such an event takes a lot of energy and effort, so why don’t you let us do the wedding planning for you? We will arrange every single detail and enable you to simply enjoy one of the most memorable days of your life.

We will pay due attention to realising your wishes and carefully plan every single detail. Based on our previous experience and knowledge of the wedding locations and local service providers, we can suggest the best scenario and arrange everything required for this special occasion.

Wedding Coordination

Your wedding day is on the horizon. Everything is arranged and prepared, but you are still not confident that everything will go as planned. Will your hairdresser be on time in the hotel; will your dress be ready; and will the horse-drawn carriage wait for you? And on the worries go!

Please don’t give yourself grey hair, just sit back and relax. We are here to coordinate everything for you and ensure that everything will go as planned. . If anything should go wrong, we are here to sort it out in a way that you wouldn’t even notice.

Please remember, it’s your wedding day.