Wedding Photography & Video

The photos you take on your special day will be a long-lasting memory for you and your guests. Therefore, it is important you entrust our professionals to make you stand out. There will never be such day as your wedding day. It should be a day you will tell your grandchildren about. It cannot be repeated, however, so why not have it recorded?  You will then be able to look at it over and over again. Have you thought about the photography or even perhaps a video/DVD of your special day?

Wedding Photos

Combined with your wishes, we will provide photos to build a special wedding album, containing your days’ special memories. Our job is to make it happen.

Our photographer will be there with you throughout your special day and carefully record snippets of your wedding puzzle, so we can create your unique story by the end of the day.

The wedding vowels, the romantic kiss, the shower of rice, the champagne toasts afterwards and tears of happiness; the joy of each guest as they admire your beauty and charm and share with you the happiest day of your life; the wild party afterwards and thematic photos of the newly-wed couple – in a natural environment or maybe in the old parts of town – these are just some of the moments that will be captured.

A few days after the event you will receive the first selection of the photos and few weeks after, you will receive a memory key with the complete set to remind you of this special day. If you decide to have a photo book, it is advisable that you participate in its design by selecting the photos, choosing the layout, the colours and the themes you would like to build upon.

Wedding Video

In line with your requests, we will also record your unique day on a camera and deliver a special wedding celebration movie which you can share with your loved ones or show to other people, who were unable to make it on the day.