Wedding Music

Music is one of the most powerful tools you could use because it can affect everyone’s perception of your special day and their memory of the event. 

Good music will create the perfect atmosphere and your guests will want to party all night long, as well as shed a tear at the ceremony. The wedding songs you choose will set the tone of your ceremony and bring the subsequent reception to its peak. We believe it is never too early to start planning your wedding music or at least to think about it. 

To remember your day, you should consider two or three different types of music:

Civil Wedding Ceremony Music

There are various options to choose from.

The music can be performed live by musicians and/or vocalists. In this way, you would make your day even more romantic and unique.

However, maybe you don’t want the music in the spotlight and you would prefer to have favourite pre-recorded songs.

Church Wedding Music

You should also think about what type of music would make your church ceremony as special as possible. The traditional instrument in Slovenian churches is the organ. If you decide on traditional music, then you can have:

  • Organ music only
  • Organ music and live singers (you can also choose the songs which you would like to have sung at your church wedding ceremony, or even send us the sheet music ahead)
  • Or any other request you may have, just let us know.

Of course, you can also choose any other type of instrument, for example, strings.