Elope to Slovenia

Slovenia is a hidden gem, lying in the heart of Europe.

Eloping to Slovenia is a perfect choice if you are looking for an intimate ceremony just for you or some close family members or friends in a special and unique place.

Elope to Lake Bled in winter

Slovenia: unique and scenic country

The unique beauty of the Slovenian scenery attracts couples from all over the world. Lively colours in the spring, forest green in summer, full palette of colours in autumn and tranquil white in winter present an outstanding background for an amazing elopement or wedding.

Easily accessible

Although Slovenia is a very small country it has an airport with good connections to all main European airports. Within a couple of hours drive you can easily reach the bigger airports in neighbouring countries: Italy, Austria and Croatia.

elope to slovenian mountains

elope to slovenian coast

With the right wedding planner, the paper procedure is easy

You don’t need to stay in the country longer than you wish just because of paperwork. As your wedding planner, we can do all the paperwork in your name a few months before the wedding. You can arrive in Slovenia a couple of days before the wedding.


The country literally has the word love in its name, which is the last, but not the least reason why Slovenia is a perfect elopement destination

lake bled wedding